PROVenance Management System

This page is the new homepage for the PROMS family of tools. Currently, the way PROMS Server works and much background context are given in the PROMS wiki:

PROMS Server

PROMS Server is a web API that is used to control provenance data sent to a graph database. The souce code for PROMS is available here:

  PROMS Server code in CSIRO's BitBucket

PROMS instances

Here are some publicly visible instances of PROMS:

  DigiScape Future Science Platform project - dev instance
  Energy Use Data Model project - dev instance

Additional Tools

Here are some additional tools that have been developed to assist with the use of PROMS:

PROMS Reporter Python - a Python client for reporting to PROMS
PROMS Reporter Java - a Java client for reporting to PROMS
PROMS Reporter .NET - a .NET client for reporting to PROMS