Proceedings of the Research Data Provenance session at MODSIM 2015

Session Description
Modelling and simulation are now very sophisticated and complex meaning that, if results from them are to truly be scientific results – transparently produced and testable through reproducibility – then significant effort must be placed in explicit data management and process reporting. If scientific results need to be shared then the methods of data management and process reporting for them need to be standardised so that they are widely understood. The term ‘provenance’ means the lineage of things and, in the context of research data, it is the area of research into the representation, distribution, storage and use of scientific data’s lineage information. This session invites papers on the application of provenance tools to scientific processes, provenance representation, provenance data use, data management for provenance and organisational responses to provenance challenges.

Presentations & Papers

  1. Melanie Ayre "A Stacked-RuleSet Methodology for Provenance Management",
    Abstract (PDF)
  2. Nicholas Car "Complex licence requirements for the Bioregional Assessments Programme managed by provenance",
    Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3)
  3. Nicholas Car "Creating provenance super graphs using pingbacks",
    Abstract (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3)
  4. Simon Cox "PROV and Real Things",
    Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3) (Nicholas Car - presenter)
  5. Anu Deveraju "Capturing Data Provenance With A User-Driven Feedback Approach",
    Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3)
  6. Peter Fitch "Implementing an organisation-wide approach to provenance management for Geoscience Australia",
    Abstract (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3) (Nicholas Car - presenter)
  7. Simon Gallant "Identifying actors: a first step in effectively communicating provenance",
    Abstract (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3) (Becky Schmidt - presenter)
  8. Azeem Sadiq "Feature and attribute level provenance for spatial data supply chain using semantic web technologies",
    Abstract (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3)
  9. Catherine Wise "Standard Provenance Reporting and Scientific Software Management in Virtual Laboratories",
    Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3) (Nicholas Car - presenter)
  10. Mingfang Wu "Metadata in Research Data Australia and the Open Provenance Model: A Proposed Mapping",
    Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) | Audio (MP3)

Related presentations

  1. Nicholas Car Keynote "We of the Meta Meta: Is Australia developing a transparent and reproducible approach to transparency and reproducibility?",
    Presentation (PPTX)  (Google Slides) | Audio (MP3)